Tech to better serve present and future generations

Our Patented Technology

Manual collection of EFM (Electronic Flow Metering) data is prone to human error. Delayed production reporting and inaccurate asset measurements lead directly to losses to your bottom line. The MIGO-FLOW remote monitoring solution removes the risk of human error and poor data collection. MIGO-FLOW remotely captures flow data and instantaneously uploads it to secure cloud storage in addition to sending alerts if a MIGO ALEF system encounters any disruption in operation. By bypassing outdated processes of data collection, MIGO-FLOW eliminates the delay in transfer of data from the field to the front office, saving companies both time and money while dramatically increasing productivity.

Modeling a Better Tomorrow

MIGO-Flow’s Quantum (QX) will further enable MIGO to better serve future generations by collecting data on pollution, waterborne disease, water migration and scarcity and general water and environmental health. Via the QX network, MIGO and associated partners, scientists and researchers will be able to implement a variety of leading-edge predictive analytics, statistical analysis, predictive modeling and linear regression modeling tools to help discover patterns and go beyond knowing what has already happened to the world’s water resources to anticipating what is likely to happen next - ensuring a cleaner tomorrow.


MIGO-FLOW Quantum (QX) ®

Representing the 2nd Generation of MIGO-FLOW EMF, MIGO-FLOW QX (release date Q4 2020) is a proprietary, remote access monitoring system capable of keeping MIGO client’s informed in real-time of treatment flowrates, corresponding financial and cost data and much more. Developed in-house by MIGO engineers, MIGO-FLOW QX utilizes the latest in advanced asymmetric cryptography executed on a decentralized infrastructure. MIGO-FLOW QX renders our client’s confidential data tamperproof, in the sense that no party can alter or manipulate the code or interfere with the accurate collection and confidential delivery of our client’s production and financial data, safeguarding the need for confidentiality and market competitiveness.


Providing Energy Efficient and Chemical Free sustainable solutions for A More Clean and Abundant water supply