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Preserving the World’s most Precious Resource


while others seek to treat the pollutants, MIGO treats the water

There is no magic “black box” in water treatment. As the quality and volume of wastewater can not only vary greatly from site to site but also from minute to minute, a company’s approach and solution must be versatile and designed to each particular effluent and situation. MIGO’s ALEF technology works in tandem with additional proprietary MIGO technologies and compounds such as our Alpha X, Graphene Plus, MIGO Biocelerator, MIGO-ATP and MIGO-EOR. Depending on the job at hand, MIGO technologies can be applied alone or in an array of varied sequences in a cost-effective manner to remediate the most polluted of waters.

ALEF (Advanced Linear Electro-Floatation)

Utilizes advanced electro-floatation to naturally, swiftly and thoroughly coagulate contaminants for removal without the use of harsh chemicals. Although various forms of electrocoagulation or floatation have existed since 1908, the technology has never been truly commercially viable due to multiple design flaws such as its intensive energy requirements, inconsistent treatment results and multiple service and maintenance issues. We use the word “advanced” when referring to our technology as we have solved all of the above issues and more – creating for the first time a streamlined, efficient and cost-effective version of an existing technology with multiple patented components and designs.


While researchers worldwide lag behind in the development of various graphene products for the purpose of large scale water treatment, MIGO's partner, Standard Graphene, has formulated a variant of granulized graphene that, when utilized in conjunction with MIGO’s ALEF and Alpha X technologies is capable of removing harsh chlorides and other sodium based elements from water inexpensively and in any quantity required.


An aqueous based bio-stimulant and variant of MIGO-ATP that can be utilized in municipal wastewater treatment plants and together with ALEF and Alpha X in numerous other applications. Migo Biocelerator increases microbiological activity in water. It contains no active bacteria, enzymes, nutrients or other biological components itself but instead relies on stimulating these biological elements. Migo Biocelerator is designed to provide an increased capacity of existing wastewater treatment plants, delivering greatly reduced operational costs and improved performance. Migo Biocelerator is applicable to a wide range of treatment systems, including both anaerobic and aerobic processes, greatly reducing BOD, COD, TSS, FOG and H2S.

Alpha X

Used together with ALEF, Alpha X utilizes cutting-edge electromagnetic (EMF and EMP) technology to disrupt and weaken harmful bonds while strengthening the necessary, beneficial elements of water. Many outdated mechanical laws that describe objects with ‘simple location in space and time’ utterly fail to represent true natural processes. Innovation in water treatment is only possible once one recognizes nature as an organism. These organisms include everything from stars, plants, animals and bacteria - to water. They are all bundles of electromagnetic activities - vibratory organisms. The vast majority of water treatment technologies and processes today have been dumbed-down to chemistry, resulting in decades of ecological destruction through the release of millions of metric tons of harmful chemicals and toxins per day into our communities and ecosystem. Alpha X proves that there is a much better way.


A safe, organic next generation bio-stimulant that unleashes the innate energy source available in cellular life, providing major efficiencies and cost savings to industries using biological processes. MIGO-ATP is a proprietary produced precursor of the ATP or Adenosine Triphosphate Cycle (C10H16N5O13P2). ATP is the molecular unit of energy currency found in all living matter. The energy is used for cellular functions such as synthesis of proteins, synthesis of membranes, movement, cellular division and the transport of various solutes, etc.


An inorganic compound manufactured from sodium and silicon metal that is a stable, but oxygen insufficient, complex in an aqueous solution. MIGO-EOR is a surfactant that affects the interface between immiscible materials such as oil and water. The product reduces the surface tension of various liquids. Reduced interfacial tensions result in increased relative permeability characteristics for a given pore structure.

Preserving the World’s most Precious Resource

In general, so called “wetting agents” are classified as: weak, moderate, strong, and very strong. Testing the interfacial tension of a material by using the older but very well respected method of the IFT spinning apparatus testing method tells the tale. Very few materials rate very strong, and almost none of those so classified will “wet the substrate and the solution” at the same time MIGO EOR does both and at the same time wets the oil to water interfaces. This material wets the water, wets the substrates, and each of their interfaces with hydrocarbons all at the same time. At MIGO we continually strive to expand our technological horizons, boundaries and influence by discovering and developing new methods to cost-effectively treat and recycle the world’s most valuable resource – water. We hope to welcome you aboard.


Providing Energy Efficient and Chemical Free sustainable solutions for A More Clean and Abundant water supply